Albawaba is a Middle Eastern website dedicated to news, analysis, and information.  Their headquarters are in Jordan, and they have branches in Dubai and the United Kingdom.

They’ve recently published an article on the 10 most unusual, curious, or “different” buildings in the world.  It’s a grand tour from the US to Japan by way of Iceland, Europe, and Thailand.

And among those selected is one in our country, in Bilbao.  But it’s not the stadium or the airport: it’s the headquarters of Osakidetza, the Basque Health Service.  The glass and steel building designed by architect Juan Coll-Barreu with its characteristic and stunning façade of glass polyhedrons.

Albawaba – 10/3/2020 – Jordan

As famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright expressed, the environment and architecture should organically blend into each other. But the designs you’re about to see could only blend into the dark pages of a supervillain comic!

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