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The Turkish Hurriyet Daily has just published an interesting article by Aylin Öney Tan about Bilbao, in which an initial focus on cuisine then gives way to a study of the city.

Honestly, after reading the résumé of this author-turned-cuisine-writer, we were not at all surprised by the “broad scope” that permeates the article.

Aylin Öney Tan is one of the leading food and cuisine writers in Turkey.  She’s authored “A Taste of Sun & Fire: Gaziantep Cookery” and won the 2008 Sophie Coe award for “Poppy: Potent yet Frail” published in the Oxford Food Symposium.  It was this award that caused her to focus on her researcher side and start writing about gastronomy.

Before getting into this field, she was an architect specialzing in the preservation of historical monuments, and also worked as the even tplanner at the World Bank Cultural Heritage Project in Turkey.

She therefore came to Bilbao and didn’t limit herself to the food, though (as we never tire of repeating) we Basques have become world-class leaders in that respect.

Her knowledge and experience as an architect have allowed her to see the city in a new way, and that comes through in her article.  After all, Bilbao has been a world role model in architecture and city design for over twenty years.

So, we would like to thank her for paying us a vitis, and to tell her we do hope she returns.  Our Country is a treasure trove in her two fields of expertise.

Hurriyet Daily – 3/12/2018 – Turkey

Fifty Shades of Titanium

Many architects have had the opportunity to create masterpieces that have become iconic landmarks and changed the urban landscape, but none have done so as much as Frank Gehry’s titanium-clad Guggenheim Bilbao.

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