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The website This Is Insider, part of the Insider web group (which we’ve blogged about before) has just published a list of the 19 forests we all should visit in our lifetimes.

The truth is that getting to see every forest on the list is as desirable as it is improbable.  They’re spread all over the world, and it’s clear that in order to reach the goal, one would need plenty of money and plenty of time.

Nevertheless, one corner of our geography made the cut: the Otzarreta Forest, which we’ve mentioned on other occasions.

Honestly, this corner of Gorbeia Natural Park is magical.  Its trees, whose branches seem to reach for the sky, have been “worked” over hundreds of years of intelligent use of natural resources: they were used to produce coal, and this training of the branches allowed for more productivity without finishing the trees off.  The result today is a magical place that seems to transport us to another world.

A visit to this small forest is a magnificent way to discover the secrets kept within the boundaries of the Gorbeia Natural Park.  And the park is a great way to discover the incredible natural beauty our nation has to offer visitors.

This Is Insider – 24/9/2018 – USA

19 beautiful forests around the world everyone should visit in their lifetime

Forests cover 31% of the Earth’s land surface, and there are three distinct types: tropical, temperate, and boreal (taiga). From the otherworldly Dragon’s Blood Forest in Yemen to Hawaii’s magical Rainbow Eucalyptus Forest, these vastly different woods showcase the world’s unique beauty in singular ways. Keep scrolling to see 19 of the world’s most beautiful forests.

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