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Kurdish news agency Firat is headquartered in the Netherlands, as the states this people find themselves under do not allow Firat to work.  Indeed, it’s quite possible that most Kurds can’t even access the website as it’s often blocked.

This agency’s website has just published an interview by Italian journalist Orsola Casagrande with journalist, author, and bertsolari Uxue Alberdi.

ANF – 30/6/2018 – Kurdistan

Alberdi: I write in Basque and from a Basque woman perspective

Uxue Alberdi Estibaritz was born in Elgoibar, Gipuzkoa (Basque Country) in 1984. Graduated in journalism, she is a writer and bertsolari. She has worked with different media as editor, reporter and broadcaster of radio literary programs.  She writes in Euskara (Basque language) and has received two grants to write two of her books.

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