This article was translated by John R. Bopp

Yes, ten years and almost a month.  It sounds like a prison sentence, but really, it’s been ten extraordinary years in which we’ve grown and learned so much thanks to this blog and our readers.

We always explain that, at the beginning, About Basque Country was a bit like a shallow desert lake.  There would be bursts of posts, followed by long periods of rest.  That’s why we usually say that the blog really got its start in October of 2010, as that was when we got our social media accounts and committed ourselves to maintaining constant activity.  And we’re proud to say, we’ve kept that promise.

But we can’t let pass this little celebration when we remember how we made a decision that, without understanding it then, would lead us to have such an amazing project as this.  It’s allowed us to maintain contact and relationships with people from around the world, and tens of thousands of readers come to our blog every month.

Just ten years and almost a month ago, we wrote a text that we still strive to follow.  We’ve learned a lot, and we’ve discovered many things that we couldn’t even have imagined way back on March 27, 2008, when at 8:24 pm, we published the first post, in which we stated not only the objectives that would guide us, but also discussing the distorted view of our nation that was shown to the world, with the worst of intentions.

That day, we transmitted the perception we had about the extraordinary presence and influence Basques had in the world.  Today, ten years later, that’s no longer a perception.  For us, this road has served to give us the certainty of the immense power and influence this small people has shown throughout history.  But, above all, it’s allowed us to discover, with pride, just how this people has been able to survive without selling its soul or spirit, while still always changing and evolving, and how it’s able to warmly welcome those who would like to join us, to form part of our nation.  And this miracle of resilience and adaptation has been achieved not only in our homeland, but also in every corner of the planet where Basques have settled down while always maintaining the strong roots that tie them to their ancestors.

We can’t end this without two very special thank yous:

The first to Leire Madariaga and John Bopp (hi Mom!), our volunteer translators, who, with their effort, have made this blog more Basque and more global.  Their immense work has become essential.

And finally, our most important thanks: to our readers.

To all of you who are with us, who’ve been with us from the start and who’ve just joined us, eskerrik asko.  You’re the true engine driving About Basque Country.

About Basque Country – 27/3/2008 – Euskadi

The world is writing about the Basques

Few things about this small country of ours call more attention than its amazing ability to get noticed.  This constant throughout its history has allowed it, a small and settled community on poor land (except for the few years of iron ore extraction), has been able to have an influence and a presence far beyond what the logic of numbers and its population would expect.





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