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Our protagonist today is Iván Mena Tinoco, and according to his file on the Gijón Film Festival website, which gave him a prize for his short film “A través del Espejo”, he was born in Bilbao in 1977 (although he’s also said he’s from nearby Getxo).

His career in the world of film has been outstanding.  Since he dropped out of engineering school in his third year in order to study filmmaking, his résumé has grown at an enviable rate.  His first professional job (that we could find) was for “La Pelota Vasca: La Piel contra la Piedra”, directing the special effects, and it launched a very prestigious career with a lengthy filmography.  

After working in technical fields, he ventured into the world of directing, with a short film that was well received, “A través del Espejo” (as we said earlier), which has received numerous awards.  Radio Euskadi interviewed him about his career and this short film, and it’s really interesting.    

His work has also extended into the world of commercials, and that’s why we’re talking about him today.  A little birdie told us that he was the director for a recent Budweiser commercial, which is the final part of their 2018 Super Bowl campaign.

The 2018 Super Bowl is being held on February 4, and, as ever, it’s going to be one of the biggest sporting events of the year.  The numbers surrounding this game are simply incredible, as the Argentine daily La Nación tells us.

It’s not at all strange, then, that all the great advertisers duke it out to be in those key moments of this event, as well as in the ample time given the match in the days before and after the game.  

Budweiser is one of the biggest Super Bowl advertisers, and traditionally features their famous and beloved Clydesdale horses in at least one of the ads shown during the game.  This year, however, the main commercial, “Stand By You”, does not show a single one of the 500lb (1000kg) giant equines.

Budweiser and one of their most well-known images in the US: their Clydesdales
Budweiser and one of their most well-known images in the US: their Clydesdales

So, to fix that, a new spot, called “Beer Country” was filmed, and the horses were the stars.

And that’s where Iván Mena Tinoco comes in, as he was responsible for filming the 60-second spot, showing us all the elements that create that most idealized image of the US alongside the brand via their celebrity horses.

We think it’s a spotless cinematographic spot made with the highest technical quality.  And we’re not alone: it’s already achieved a great place on the charts of the Ten Best Super Bowl Commercials published by Maxim (yes, there are lists of the best Super Bowl commercials).

We’ll leave you with the information from USA Today about the ad, and the ad itself, which was just uploaded to YouTube.

USA Today -30/1/2017 – USA

Sitting out Super Bowl, Clydesdales get special online commercial from Budweiser

The Clydesdales are not on Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad this year. But — no worries — you can see them online should you have a hankering for horses. The online commercial, titled “Beer Country,” will run on TV in the days after the Super Bowl. But Anheuser-Busch put it up on its social channels today because, well, some people really like the Clydesdales, whether or not they’re ever quaffed a beer.



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