This article was translated by John R. Bopp is one of the most visited websites in Uruguay.  Last Saturday, they posted an old sketch from the Basque public broadcaster’s comedy show “Vaya Semanita” from 2015, where dictator Franco was running a show called “Francomanía”, a very special version of the very popular DIY show “Bricomanía”.

On this episode, the dictator was explaining how to solve the problems the Kingdom of Spain is having with civil liberties breaking it up.  As we said, the show was originally broadcast in 2015, specifically, on the anniversary of the dictator’s death, November 20, but the humor program’s social networks revived it this weekend, as it’s certainly a very current topic today.

Not that our current elected officials in the Kingdom need any advice… – 21/10/2017 – Uruguay

“Esto conmigo no pasaba”: Franco enseña cómo reparar España en plan bricolaje

Vaya Semanita es un programa de humor emitido entre 2003 y 2016 por la cadena Euskal Telebista (País Vasco). Su punto fuerte era el humor de actualidad, y la capacidad de reírse de los estereotipos acerca de la identidad vasca y de los avatares políticos de toda España.

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