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We can never quite figure out which part of our country we like best, whether our cities, our coast, or our mountains.  These doubts are only ever cleared up around this time of year, the fall, when, for a few magical weeks in October, the answer is always the same: our forests.

This weekend, we took a drive through the area that joins the two parts into which Navarre is divided.  We took the twisty mountain roads from Donibane Garazi/Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Orreaga/Ronceveaux and Orbaitzeta.

It’s an easy drive that’s insanely beautiful, and which offers us such nice surprises as the peak of Mount Urkullu, which its first century Roman monument built at over 1,500m/4900ft, or Arpea Cave, an enchanting place.

We drove through magical places filled with megalithic monuments built by the first inhabitants of these mountains; the footprints of the Romans; and places so full of history and legend such as Roncevaux and Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port.

We’re going to be doing a series of video entry here on the blog, in our Viewpoints section, with video and photos. There, we’ll be giving a much more detailed description of our trip.

But we couldn’t resist sharing the summary video with you today.  Curiously, it’s mostly made of five-second snippets of photos mobiles make on their own nowadays.  For a small group of photos, we turned to our Osmo+, which is our main camera for filming Viewpoints.

We really like the results, and hope you will, too.

One of the two largest native forests on the Continent becomes a magical place in the fall.
One of the two largest native forests on the Continent becomes a magical place in the fall.



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