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Today, in the digital newspaper Juárez a Diario, in the editorial section, an article by Raúl Ruiz, a regular contributor, brought a smile to our face.

When we saw the title, “My Great-Grandson is a Martian”, and we found references to Bilbao and to the director of Bilbao Metrópoli 30 (MB30), we were intrigued.

The story is interesting, however you look at it, especially because it refers to a conference called “A new development model for the 21st century” that Alfonso Martínez Cearra, one of the apostles of the Transformation of Bilbao, gave in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, in 2002.

The fact that, fifteen years later, this conference is still able to fuel an article shows the impact it had on those who attended; we, who have also attended some presentations given by the BM30 director, know what a great speaker he is.

Bilbao, as the most evident representation of the ability of the Basques to reinvent themselves, adapt, and especially, to take the reins of their own future, have been a global benchmark for the past twenty years.  The world is coming to get to know us.  There are models and experiences in this small country that attract hundreds of experts every year to see what’s happening in Bilbao, Mondragón, San Sebastian, Vitoria, etc.

The “Bilbao case” is still so well known that people from around the world ask experts in this process to give conferences explaining what’s happened here.  But, what they’re really want to know is how it was and is handled.  For example, Alfonso Martínez Cearra and Ibón Areso have traveled the world explaining it all.

Juárez a diario – 6/10/2017 – México

Mi bisnieto es un marciano

No es verde, ni tiene escamas… o las manos arrugadas, de falanges largas con puntas de ventosa, y tres óvalos verticales como ojos. Tampoco viaja en platillo volador y tiene una pistola de rayos con la que amenaza destruir el medio ambiente.

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