This article was translated by John R. Bopp

Here at the Euskadi Munduan Association, the organization behind this blog, we’ve started a campaign to find new Member/Collaborators for 2017.

We’d like your participation in our project this year with a one-time gift of €13.  As a thank you for you gift, we’ll send you a personalized travel diary book with a representation by Josu Goñi Etxabe of Mari or Maddi, the main goddess in Basque pre-Christian mythology.

This diary will be sent to all of our 2017 Member/Collaborators, and for those who contribute before the end of June will also receive a metal and silicone keychain with that same figure etched on by laser.

It’s important to point out that being a Member/Collaborator does not imply any other commitment beyond the one-time donation in 2017.

All the information about being a Member/Collaborator can be found here.