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Aldaxka Kultur Biltzarra, between the 24th and 29th of this month, has organized a series of activities around the 80th anniversary of the Bombing of Guernica, in which the Basque language, history, poetry, and visual arts hope to spread the Basque view about what happened.

We’ve spoken about the Basques in Uruguay on many occasions, including stories as extraordinary as the one about the boats at the port of Montevideo being called Ederra (“beautiful” in Basque), or the one where an Amezaga, an admiral in the Italian Navy, declared war on Uruguay and threatened to bomb their capital from his frigate in 1882.

But the important stories, the ones that really have meaning, are those about the Basques who, with their work and effort, have helped build nations around the globe, including Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and the rest of the countries of Latin America, including Brazil.

Many of them left behind trails that are hard to follow, but no less important because of that.  But others left behind a clear mark, with their name stamped on it, in the annals of history and on street signs.  That’s why we’ve so enjoyed that one of the members of this association, Vittorio Lecchini, has gathered a collection of streets from Montevideo which show just how important Basque-Uruguayans, or Uruguayan-Basques, have been to the city.

We can’t help congratulating, and especially thanking, this group for its hard work, to ensure that the marks our countrymen left behind in that part of the world is not forgotten.

We’ll leave you with their Facebook and Twitter.

Aldaxka Kultur Biltzarra
Aldaxka Kultur Biltzarra



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