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Spotify is a streaming music service that has revolutionized the market, and the primary means of accessing music for millions of people around the world.  A year ago, El Mundo published an interesting piece of information that might help explain the revolution this small app that allows the streaming of millions and millions of songs has meant: “Two billion times a month, people discover artists they’d never heard before.  This level of discovery didn’t exist before, and has no comparison in the physical world.”

Obviously, this company knows what each of us is listening to through its service, and with all that data, it can offer us a really cool world map of music.  In it, you can see what is being listened to over the last few days in cities across the world.  As the company itself explains in their press release about this new service: “All of these thousand or so playlists update bi-monthly.  We update each of these distinctive city playlists twice per month. Each update involves analyzing approximately 20 billion listener/track relationships.” Impressive.

We’re telling you this because in the news service Terra Chile, they’ve published an article on this service, and they remark on how what is being listened to in Spain “on average” is different to what is being listened to in certain places, especially the Basque Country and Catalonia, which don’t match up at all with the national average.  In the Basque Country, there’s a special emphasis on local music.

We’ll leave you with the information from Terra Chile about Spotify’s service and the map itself.  We don’t know if the list of “active” cities, the ones being tracked, changes; when we looked, they included Bilbao and Pamplona in the Land of the Basques.

And what’s being listened to in those two Basque cities has nothing to do with the rest of the peninsula.  As of press time, we don’t know about other Basque cities.
Terra  – 9/12/2016 – Chile

Spotify nos muestra lo más escuchado en cualquier rincón del mundo

El mes de diciembre es clave para los recopilatorios. Desde las aplicaciones más descargadas del año , a los vídeos más vistos y demás. Spotify , plataforma de música en streaming, ha hecho lo mismo pero dándole un prisma un poco más interesante. Bajo el nombre de “El mapa de la música” han creado una suerte de mapamundi en la que podemos ver de forma interactiva qué se escucha en cada rincón del planeta.

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Spotify – 13&7/2015 – USA

Musical Map: Cities of the World

In our connected world, people everywhere tend to enjoy the same top hits, as we can tell by looking at the top song in each country. But when most travelers visit another place, they don’t seek out the same food they eat at home, even if they can find it. We travel to experience what makes a place different, and special, by sampling local specialties.

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Musical Cities



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