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Geographical Magazine is the official journal of the Royal Geographical Society, a British institution founded in 1830.  They have just published an article on their website about the Larrun train, penned by Christ Fitch, a writer at that publication who has lived in the Solomon Islands, South Korea, and Taiwan.

The trip, which takes just over 30 minutes, gave the journalist a base to work from to narrate a tale of discovery that starts with his departure from Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Our readers may be wondering why our interest in specifying the places the writer visited in his article.  Simple: because of his final thought, which we have used for our headline:

The Basque people are always keen to tell everyone how special this part of the world is, and right now, I believe them.

We absolutely loved this article.  That’s why we can’t help but ask him to return to the Land of the Basques more often.  We found it curious that searching the Geographical Magazine’s database for “Basque,” only two articles appeared.  This means there’s a very special work that the followers of this publication and in general the Royal Geographical Society still have to discover!

We’d love for them to.

Geographical magazine – 26/8/2015 -Gran Bretaña

The start of the Pyrenees

A ride up La Rhune, on the French-Spanish border, gives an insight into a unique regional Basque landscape. Cloaked in bright white cloud, a vivid turquoise blue directly above my head, it feels like I’m standing in the actual sky. A passing plane would hardly get a second glance. Turning southwards reveals a mass expanse of peaks emerging from this blanket of cloud, stretching out far beyond the horizon. It’s easy to see why this is described as the starting point for the Pyrenees.

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