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Culture and Cuisine – Awaken Your Palate is a website about spreading ideas about all of the wonderful culinary, linguistic and musical possibilities out there that will open your palate and expand your world!

The website includes a post dedicated to a second generation Basque-American (born in the USA).  The post tells the story of her family that arrived from Navarre (Nafarroa Beherea) and their life in the USA. It also offers a Basque soup recipe.

We know neither the protagonist’s name nor the name of the people in charge of this curious and interesting website.

Culture and Cuisine – 1/6/2015 – USA

Our World Interviews Basque (Euskara) and English

Interview with  Basque Speaker – a young 93 year old! A quick note to listeners…in order to gain the most utility from these interviews, read the questions and summary  first,  then listen and  discuss.:-) Opening English statement and question “Hello and welcome to Our World Interviews. Today I’m really excited to do our bilingual interview because this is our first interview in the Basque language—Euskera as it is known in Basque.  I will be speaking with a woman whose family immigrated to the United States in… from France, very many years ago—a long time ago.”

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