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The company flying the Dutch flag, KLM, recently posted an entry on its blog to encourage people to visit the Basque Country. Written by Wilbert van Haneghem, it offers seven worthwhile reasons to visit the Basque Country.  The reason for this publication is to commemorate the first anniversary of the inauguration of summer flights between Bilbao and Amsterdam.

Along with some of the typical must-do’s for tourists visiting the Basque Country (a visit to the Guggenheim, eating pintxos and drinking Txakoli are among the most popular) there were other less common recommendations that we liked a lot. For example, he mentioned the importance of Basques as sailors and also proposed trying the local craft beers.

But there was something we especially liked: the inclusion of Biarritz among the places he suggested for tourists to visit within the Basque Country. Good for the Dutch!

His post was almost perfect, except for the lack of one detail: he failed to recognize another Basque city that will very soon, once again, be one of the capitals of the world. We’re obviously referring to Old Iruña, Pamplona. It is the Basque city that, thanks to San Fermines, has the world admiring the streets of its old town.

Blog KLM – 26/5/2015 – Holanda

7 Must-Do’s in the Basque Lands

Today, exactly one year ago, KLM started flying to Bilbao in the Basque area of Spain. Both Bilbao and San Sebastian are fantastic places for a city trip. Or a well-deserved stopover on your way to or from Santiago the Compostela when going on a pilgrimage. Let me share my ideas on how to navigate your way through the country of pintxos and txakoli.

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Fotografía: Monte Gorbea ©Mikel Martinez De Osaba

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