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We met Enrique Solinís Jr. many years after meeting his father, Enrique Solinís. Well, we finally physically met him, because his Aita (father) had talked to us thousands of times about him and his music. Enrique Jr. is a guitarist specialized in early music that has regularly played with the great Jordi Savall, and is now making his own way, sometimes alone or with other groups and bands.

His father is an exceptional man, so it is no surprise that his son turned out to be just as special. Creative, bright, somewhat anarchic…one of those brilliant minds, constantly in motion, that have difficulties focusing on issues that are outside their areas of interest.

All this is relevant because Enrique Solinís Jr. has released an album dedicated to early Basque music with the Euskal Barrokensemble (of which he is a founding member) – a little gem entitled Euskel Antiqua , which we highly recommend.

This group featuring early Basque music will participate in the tenth edition of the Musique & Historie Festival organized by Jordi Savall at the Abbey of Fontfroide (founded in the eleventh century).

We leave you with an explanation of the concept of the album and the video of one of its songs.


EUSKEL ANTIQVA  Le Legs Musical Du Pays Basque

Euskal Herria est le terme identifiant le peuple qui possède l’Euskara comme langue propre. Nous avons, en revanche, préféré utiliser le terme « Euskel » plutôt que le conventionnel « Euskal » car dans le manuscrit du XVIe siècle de Juan Pérez de Lazarraga c’est ce terme qui apparaît. Ceci nous incite dans une certaine mesure à le choisir en pensant, que les mots varient avec le temps mais que malgré cela, le fond auquel ils se réfèrent (dans ce cas présent un peuple ayant une langue commune autour de laquelle se construit un monde socio-culturel particulier) demeure toujours le même.

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PERUTXOREN. Enrike Solinís. Euskel Antiqua. Legacy of the Land of Basque.

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