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The Argentine newspaper La Voz del Interior published a report prepared by Veronica Sudar  (Union of Communities of Immigrants in Córdoba), writing about some places to explore and  activities to do to learn different aspects of the Basque culture in the province of Cordoba -Argentina.

Cordoba is part of what is known as the pampas (provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Entre Rios, Cordoba and La Pampa), which is the area of Argentina where most of the Basques who immigrated to this country settled, and it currently is one of the areas in the Americas where the most activities are carried out by the Basque descendants.

The paramount of those activities is the Basque National Week of Argentina, with a long and glorious history, to be held in 2015  from 16 to 22 November, in Macachín, a province of La Pampa .

But any big event requires hard and day-to-day work (such as the work mentioned in this information) and this is the best intensive way to keep alive the roots of the Basques of Argentina, which also helps Argentina to maintain its rich culture and traditions.

La Voz del Interior – 1/4/2015 – Argentina

Dónde aprender lengua euskera y danzas vascas

En Córdoba, Río Cuarto y Villa María, la colectividad vasca es numerosa y activa. Esto se ve reflejado en las diversas actividades culturales y deportivas que se desarrollan en las instituciones del País Vasco de estas localidades. Para los interesados en aprender y conocer aún más sobre sus tradiciones, se detallan los talleres que se dictan en cada institución

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