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This entry marks the third time we’ve talked about Jürgen and Mike Powell on our blog.  They have a website talking about how they’ve spend the last 91 days in a city they’re interested in, offering us a guide covering what they found in it.  Every three months, they switch cities, and start preparing a new guide and writing about new experiences in a new section of their website,  And quite honestly, it’s hard to imagine a more interesting way of life.

Despite having written so much about them, it’s not because they’ve decided to visit the Land of the Basques, but rather because they’re in the heart of the American West.  Right now they’re talking about Boise and Idaho.  We’re sure we don’t have to explain how important the Basque presence there is.  Our regular readers will have realized how many entries we’ve dedicated to this Basque-American reality.  We’ve already spoken twice about this stay, but here goes the third.

Now, in the earlier entries, we spoke about the Basque Heart of the Basques in Boise, but this time we’re going to talk about something more physical, more concrete: Boise’s Basque Block, a place where some of the most significant and representative elements of Basque culture in that part of the world are located.

As usual, they speak about the Basques with respect, if they’ll allow us, even a bit of admiration.  And we thank them for that.  Also, as usual, the photos they’ve shared are of the highest quality, all of them are fantastic.

We can only hope that for their next 91-day stay, they decide to visit the Basque Country.  It’d be a pleasure to have them with us, though we have to admit that as long as they’re among our Basque brethren in America, they’re in the heart of the Basque Country. – 1o/1/2012 – USA

Boise’s Basque Block


One of the most idiosyncratic aspects of Idaho, and Boise in particular, is its connection to the Basque Country. Because of geographic and climatic similarities to their homeland, thousands of emigrating Basques chose Idaho as their new home. Their influence remains strong throughout the state, but nowhere is it more celebrated celebrated than in Boise’s Basque Block.

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