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As we usually say in cases like these, the more we learn, the more we realize how little we know.  It was almost by accident that we’ve recently discovered a new friend of the Basques, about whom we knew nothing, and we’d like to share this with all our readers.  We’re referring to Englishman and Basque researcher Wentworth Webster.  Many of our readers may already know about him.  We have to admit we didn’t, and just running across him as been quite a happy happening, and we’d like to share with you how it came about.

While looking for news to share with you all about what the world says of the Basques, we came across a website called Many Books, which offers access to copyright-free publications included in the Gutenberg Project.  A new book was just added to the list, called ‘Basque Legends’, written by an Englishman, Wentworth Webster.  It was published in 1877 and is 271 pages long.  We immediately thought we needed to link to this on our blog.  But, right after that, we started wondering, Who was Wentworth Webster?  It wasn’t too hard to find out that he was born in 1828 in Uxbridge, and became a student of Basque traditions after he was named the Anglican chaplain to the residents of the Basque Coast in Labourd in 1869.  We’ll leave you with the information we found about this researcher and author on the Auñamendi Encyclopeda website and on Wikipedia.

As we said, this entry to our blog began with the ability to access Wentworth Webster’s book of Basque tales, and it can be found on Many Books and on Google Books.  It’s in English, and there are plenty of formats and ways to access it.  It was just added to the public domain, and has already been downloaded 53 times.  Have a look!

When we originally wrote this entry in 2011, it had been downloaded 53 times; today, it’s up to 2,858.

Many Books – 14/6/2011

Basque Legends – Wentworth Webster

Author: Wentworth Webster
Published: 1877
Language: English
Wordcount: 97,031 / 271 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 65.6
LoC Category: GR
Downloads: 53
Added to site: 2011.06.14 30154
Genre: Myth

(Descargar en Many Books)

(Read on Google Books)

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