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Itziar Ituño, canceled for being considered a “friend of the ETA”

Itziar ituño
Human rights and freedom of speech are still pending issues in Spain, as what just happened to Itziar Ituño proves

Data to know “our place in the world” (or at least...

Union Europea Human resources in science and technology, 2018
Eurostat offers us magnificent tools to know where we as a Euro-region are within the European Union thanks to easy-to-understand data

Basques offer an ancestral example that provides contemporary teachings, which must...

San Antonio downtown just after sunset showing skyline around Tower of the Americas & Alamodome
This article was translated by Joseba Varela Iñigo Arzac has visited Euskadi. Judging by his name and surname, it seems obvious that he has Basque origins....