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The frontón in Grand Junction, Colorado is on its way to...

Frontón de Gran Junction, Colorado (fotografia Colorado Euskal Etxea)
The Grand Junction frontón has gone from being at risk of being torn down to becoming a protected historic building

A fronton court in front of the Great Barrier Reef

Fronton de Trebonne, Australia,  restaurado
The Trebonne fronton court has been opened after restoration. This Cultural Heritage of Queensland is a symbol of the Basque Presence in Australia

What is Basque pilota? Sylvia Sabes explains on the BBC

Euskal pilota/ Pelota vasca ( Andia/Getty Images)
Sylvia Sabes travels to the Southern Basque Country to explain on the BBC what Basque pilota is and how important it is for the Basques

100th anniversary of the Basque Argentine Club of Concordia, Argentina

Centenario del Club Vasco Argentino de Concordia
This June, the Basque Argentine Club of Concordia, Argentina, which has been recognized with a Declaration of Legislative Interest for its cultural, social, and...

The story of jai-alai in China

Mei Lan Fang (梅兰芳) en el Forum de Tianjin sosteniendo una chistera.
Juan Pablo Sánchez Beltrán, born in Valencia in 1962, Telco and Economist by studies and profession, is a great lover of history, traditions, and...

Mexico: after 20 years, the jai alai court is reopening; 20-year...

Reinauguración del Frontón México (fotografía Yadín Xolalpa)
This article was translated by John R. Bopp A while back, we told you the story of the inauguration of the Havana jai alai court on...

Pelota, the Basque sport, Pancho Villa’s passion, and its spread through...

Pancho Villa posa ante la cámara en un descanso de un partido de Pelota
  This article was translated by John R. Bopp On this occasion, we’re going to bring together news from several sources.  One was published on the website...