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The Mondragón Co-op, a model for Ohio co-ops

La delegación de Co-op Cincy en la sede de las Cooperativas Mondragon
A Cincy Co-op delegation has traveled to the Basque Country from Ohio to learn about the Mondragón co-op, which they recognize as their model

Not to be missed! The ‘New Yorker’ explains the “miracle”...

New Yorker. Ilustración de   James Clapham  para el artículo sobre las Cooperativas Mondragon.
'New Yorker' magazine has just published an article explaining the "miracle" of the Mondragón Co-op

The Mondragon co-op model featured on RAI

Mondragon Corporación Cooperativa en RAI3
RAI3 Has broadcast a program about the employment situation in Italy, and has used the Mondragon co-op model as an example of another way to do things

‘The New York Times’: Basque co-ops: an alternative model to the...

The Erreka factory in Spain’s Basque region. Cooperatives emphasize one defining purpose: protecting workers.Credit...Ana Maria Arevalo Gosen for The New York Times
In the more than ten years we've been blogging, we've collected innumerable articles from The New York Times dedicated to our country.  Their way of looking...

A look at the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation from Australia

Corporación Mondragon
Of all the news and the huge variety of topics we find about "everything Basque" in our searches around the internet, there's a group...

South Africa is learning from the “Mondragón Model”

Corporación Mondragon
This article was translated by John R. Bopp The South African Business Daily has just published an article by Toby Chance, a member of the Democratic Alliance (the main...