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The anticolonialism of Sabino Arana, the founder of Basque nationalism (video)

Sabino Arana en la prisión de Larrinaga (1895)
Historians Jean-Claude Larronde and Luis de Guezala explain to us Sabino de Arana's strong feelings against colonialism

Aguirre. Reading and reflections about the New World republics from...

Aguirre y Persson con sus familias, en Göteborg, en junio de 1941 © Sabino Arana Fundazioa
Andoni Ortuzar analyzes Lehendakari Aguirre's readings while hiding from the Gestapo in Europe and his thoughts on the republics of the New World

The bicentennial of the Declaration of Independence of Peru and the...

el general San martín declara la independencia del Perú el 28 de julio de 1821
We introduce a series of articles on the Republics of the New World and the roles Basques played, before, during, and after the republics were born

Juana Azurduy: a woman of Basque blood who fought for the...

This article was translated by John R. Bopp We never had, despite her importance in history.  That’s why, after admitting our ignorance, we’re so happy to...