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50 years since the Añoveros homily: a forgotten anniversary?

Portada de Diario16 (1983)Caso Añoveros
February 24th marked the 50th anniversary of the Añoveros homily: a key moment in our history that went by unnoticed(?)

Father Arrupe in the Bombing of Hiroshima and the Basque who...

El Padre Arrupe en Japon
76 years ago, the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, where Basque Jesuit priest Pedro Arrupe was

The “Aita Gurea” that has been on the Mount of Olives...

Iglesia del Pater Noster Jerusalén  by_Madelien_Knight
On this day 118 years ago, a plaque with the text of the Lord's Prayer in Basque was placed in Jerusalem.  There were a...

The Basque Church that was Never Francoist

Misa de campaña de gudaris (miembros del Ejército d eEuzkadi) durante la lucha contra los insurrectos franquistas
Today, the Mexican daily Zócalo has published an op-ed piece by Mexican journalist and writer Guillermo Fárber in which he comments, surprised, about the fact...