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Basque Country 1937–Ukraine 2022: Totalitarianism has not stopped killing, or lying

Masacre de civiles ucranianos Bucha
President Zelenskiy has compared what has been happening in some Ukrainian cities with what happened in Guernica: the massacre of civilians by occupying troops

France returns one of their rights as citizens and as a...

Herri Urrats. La fiesta en defensa del Euskera que se celebra en Iparralde (edición 2019)
The French Assembly, against Macron's party's opposition, passes a law that allows for linguistic immersion in Basque in French public schools

From Italy: Argia magazine’s fight against the “Gag Law”

policias y manifestantes Ley mordaza (foto el diario)
This article was translated by John R. Bopp In an article in the Italian daily Il Mattino, their Spanish correspondent Paola del Vecchio explains to her...