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Magan Basque is the first Indigenous Miss Canada United World

Magan Basque of Eskasoni made history this month when she was named the first Indigenous winner of the Miss Canada United World pageant. CONTRIBUTED MISS CANADA UNITED
Magan Basque, a member of the Mi'kmaq nation, which Basque sailors had an intense relationship with for centuries, has been crowned Miss Canada United World

Basque whalers in Iceland on the website of the US Library...

Mapa de Islandia Abraham Ortelius 1587 Ruderman Antique Maps Inc
The blog of the Library of Congress has dedicated an entry to the 32 Basque whalers who were killed in Iceland in 1615

National Geographic takes us whaling with the 16th-century Basque whalers

National Geographic, artículo sobre la Nao San Juan y los balleneros vascos
An interactive article about Basque whalers and the ship 'San Juan' brings us closer to the epic journeys taken by Basque whalers in the 16th century

A 15th-century Basque ship found in Newport: the largest 3D puzzle...

This is what builders uncovered in 2002 when constructing a new theatre in Newport
A 15th-century Basque shipwreck found in Newport is now under reconstruction: the largest 3D puzzle in the world!

Placentia, Canada and Plentzia, Basque Country, are now sister cities

El acto de la firma del acta de hermanamiento entre Plentzia y Placentia
This article was translated by John R. Bopp We’ve spoken on many occasions about the profound mark the Basques have left on the Atlantic coast of...

Basques are from “the day before yesterday”, or science and populism

Imágen de una de las zonas de excavacion de Atapuerca
This article was translated by John R. Bopp Note: a few days after writing this, we couldn’t resist bringing back a story on another article in...

The official end to the “Basque-Icelandic conflict” reported by The Washington...

This article was tranlated by Iustrans     A few days ago, the US newspaper The Washington Post published an article in its "world views" section written...

The Basque paradigm: the debate about Basque specificity is over

This article was translated by John R. Bopp Basques don’t have any relevant genetic differences with Spaniards.  That’s what was published just over two years ago...