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Ukraine 1937—Basque Country 2023: Solidarity must go both ways

Niños vascos de la Guerra en Jersón 1937.  Del lobor «Niños Vascos Evacuados En 1937.  Album Historico«
In a book by Gregorio Arrien about the Basque War Children, we came across a series of photos which, despite dating from 1937, are still meaningful today

85th anniversary of the Bombing of Guernica: verifications and one surprise

Gernika 1937 tras el bombardeo
On the 85th anniversary of the Bombing of Guernica, we check that totalitarianism's techniques are still alive, and the day surprises us with a condemnation

Basque Country 1937–Ukraine 2022: Totalitarianism has not stopped killing, or lying

Masacre de civiles ucranianos Bucha
President Zelenskiy has compared what has been happening in some Ukrainian cities with what happened in Guernica: the massacre of civilians by occupying troops

A historical document: 3′ 25″ of film of the arrival of...

Fotograma del documental que nos muestra la llegada del Habana a  Gran Bretaña
The Wessex Film and Sound Archive has shared a documentary about the arrival of the Basque children to Southampton aboard the 'Habana' on May 23, 1937

The Basque connection with Edith Pretty that’s not told in Netflix’s...

Edith Pretty  retrato del British Museum
The Basque Children of '37 Association shares with us the story of Edith Pretty, the protagonist of the Netflix film "The Dig", and a hero of the Basque war children in the UK

The British media remember the Basque War Children

Niños Vascos de la Guerra acogidos en Newcastle
This article was translated by John R. Bopp We’re convinced that our regular readers will find this headline surprising.  The close followers of what we post...

The British sailors who broke the Francoist blockade on Bilbao

El Backworth. El buque que eligió the Spanish Relief Fund (creada en Gran Bretaña para proporcionar ayuda humanitaria) para enviar alimentos y suministros médicos a Bilbao.
This article was translated by John R. Bopp Our fourth article in a series dedicated to publications in the Tyne & Wear Museum’s blog about the...

The 80th anniversary of the Bombing of Guernica in the international...

Bombardeo de Gernika (Foto- Fundación Museo de la Paz de Gernika)
This article was translated by John R. Bopp As we prefer to do when, because of the importance of the topic and volume of information we’ve...

The photo that sums up the story of the Basque war...

Niños vascos refugiados en Gran Bretaña desesperados ante la caída de Bilbao en manos de los insurrectos
This article was translated by John R. Bopp We found this photo that grabbed our attention as soon as we saw it.  It’s the image of...

The story of Basque war children taken in in Newcastle

Niños Vascos de la Guerra acogidos en Newcastle
This article was translated by John R. Bopp This is the third in a series of three articles dedicated to the publications of Sarah Richardson in...