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March 31—Commemoration of the bombing of Durango: truth, justice, and reparations...

Bombardeo de Durango 31 de marzo de 1937. Imagen tomada por los bombarderos italianos responsables del mismo
Commemoration of the anniversary of the bombing of Durango: yet another massacre carried out by Franco's rebels and allies in the Basque Country

Basque Country 1937–Ukraine 2022: Totalitarianism has not stopped killing, or lying

Masacre de civiles ucranianos Bucha
President Zelenskiy has compared what has been happening in some Ukrainian cities with what happened in Guernica: the massacre of civilians by occupying troops

From Italy, “Truth, Justice, and Reparations” are owed to Durango and...

El avión militar Savoia-Marchetti SM 8.1 Aviación Legionario de la Real Fuerza Aérea Italiana. Fueron los aparatos que bombardearon Durango
This article was translated by John R. Bopp The City of Durango has decided to bring action against the 46 Italian aviators who took part in...