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2022 Day of Europe: The future is in your (our) hands

Declaracion Schuman, 9 de mayo de 1950
In a year as special as this, 2022, we share our thoughts for the first time about the Day of Europe

On the anniversary of the Spanish Federal Council of the European...

Sede de la Delegación del Gobierno vasco en París, el día de su liberación por los aliados.
On the anniversary of the Spanish Federal Council of the European Movement. The Spanish Government has still not returned the headquarters of the Basque Government in Paris

László Pesty introduces the “Sign It Europe” citizen initiative, to make...

László Pesty
László Pesty, head of the Sign It Europe initiative campaign, explains its goals, tells us of its success, and asks us to make its success even more resounding with our signatures

Sign to have the EU back the equality of its regions...

Mapa de la Europa de los Pueblos
Sign the petition to support a Europe-wide initiative to ask the EU to guarantee the survival of its minority nations

The Basque Involvement in the Creation of the European Union: an...

Javier de Landaburu en la sede del Gobierno Vasco en el exilio (rue Singer)
May 9, 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of the Robert Schuman Declaration.  It was he, the French Foreign Minister, who laid the foundation for...