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Basque Culinary Center awarded by Europe for having the best initiative...

Proyección del anuncio del BCC como ganador ganador en la  EEPA 2021
The Basque Culinary Center's Culinary Action! has been given an award by the European Commission as the best initiative to promote the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe

Euronews: Bilbao’s pioneering and award-winning initiative to set the speed limit...

Bilbao ganadora del Premio de Seguridad Vial Urbana 202o de la Comisión Europea
The European Commission has given Bilbao the 2021 Urban Road Safety Award as part of the annual European Mobility Week

Innovation: Are the Basques settling for being runners-up?

This article was translated by John R. Bopp This entry may not be one of the most successful we ever publish; it won’t be the most...