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Santimamiñe Cave, presented in Argentina

Entrada a la cueva de Santimamiñe
Digital journal INFOBAE has just published an article about Santimamiñe Cave and its paintings

National Geographic takes us whaling with the 16th-century Basque whalers

National Geographic, artículo sobre la Nao San Juan y los balleneros vascos
An interactive article about Basque whalers and the ship 'San Juan' brings us closer to the epic journeys taken by Basque whalers in the 16th century

A 15th-century Basque ship found in Newport: the largest 3D puzzle...

This is what builders uncovered in 2002 when constructing a new theatre in Newport
A 15th-century Basque shipwreck found in Newport is now under reconstruction: the largest 3D puzzle in the world!

The Hand of Irulegi is being covered by US public radio

Imagen de la Mano de Irulegi (Sociedad Aranzadi)
Reports on the discovery of the Hand of Irulegi are being covered by US public radio stations in areas with a Basque presence

The Hand of Irulegi is included among the Top 10 Archaeological...

Imagen de la Mano de Irulegi (Sociedad Aranzadi)
The Heritage Daily website has included the Hand of Irulegi on its list of the top ten archaeological finds of the year

The “Hand of Irulegi” paves the way for future research into...

Imagen de la Mano de Irulegi (Sociedad Aranzadi)
So, when the news broke yesterday in local media that a text in Vasconic (which, in our ignorance on the topic, we didn't know...

The “footprint” left behind 30,000 years ago by mammoth hunters in...

Miembros del grupo de investigación en plena excavación. Foto- UPV:EHU
New archeological work by the Univ. of the Basque Country at Isturitz Cave provides more evidence that humans were hunting mammoths 30,000 years ago

Preconceptions of “national essence” when discussing the Ezkuzta Magdalenian sticks

 Estado original de la varilla 3 en el momento de su descubrimiento (fotografía: Antxieta Arkeologia Taldea).
A few days ago, we came across an article on several sites about a study carried out by a group of Basque scientists on...

A 15th-C. Basque Wine Transporter Ship that Sailed from Portugal to...

Piezas del Barco de Newport recuperadas y tratadas
This isn't the first time we've commented on how often we get the impression that the news we find tends to somehow end up...

The extensive “economic area” of San Sebastian 25,000 years ago

About 25,000 years ago, in the Late Stone Age, a group of Cro-Magnons established a campsite at modern-day San Sebastian, and kept it running...