We’ve spoken about these two Basque religious on many occasions.

On the one hand, Father Pedro Arrupe S.J., from Bilbao, who became the superior of the Jesuits and defender of the great transformation that was the Second Vatican Council, and who saw, in person, the dropping of the first atomic bomb.

On the other, Father Antonio María Artola C.P., a Basque Passionist born in Villabona who is, among many other things, a Doctor in Theology with a degree in the Holy Scriptures from the Pontifical Biblical Institute, and who participated in the translation of the Letters of St. Paul for the Spanish version of the Jerusalem Bible, and is Professor Emeritus at the University of Deusto in Bilbao.

We’ve written many articles about Father Artola and his role as coadjuvant to help advance some beatification processes, including that of Monsignor Elorza, whose process made major progress just this month, and his work in supporting the canonization process of Mary of Jesus de Ágreda.

But he is also a scholar of the life of Father Arrupe, who is undergoing a canonization process.  To that end, we’ve decided to record a conference about this leading and universal Basque, which we’d like to share with interested readers.

In this conference, we can get to know Father Arrupe, beyond his profile as a believer and religious, and therefore learn of his commitment to others and his involvement in building a better world.  Father Arrupe’s commitment was strengthened with the Second Vatican Council, wherein the commitment of the Society of Jesus moved even closer to those most in need, taking an enormous step for this part of the Church towards the defense of the most disadvantaged; this led some Jesuits, including Ignacio Ellacuría, straight to martyrdom.

In the conference, and the article Father Artola offers us, we can learn all about the life and work of Father Arrupe.

Everything in this video and article is interesting, as it gives us a full and clear overview of who and what Arrupe was.  But perhaps the most interesting part of the video is the final message Father Artola leaves us with: “be yourself, don’t lose your potential as a human, your ‘uniqueness’ in order to yield to what others expect or want.”

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Father Arrupe S.J.

By Father Artola C.P.


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