We’ve incorporated a new design into our collection, so you can order it on anything from T-shirts to bags, sweatshirts to face masks, and any of the other products available on our La Tostadora store.

Our lead designer came up with six different versions, all based on the Eguzkilore to give us a choice (our most sincere thanks for the time, patience, and art we’ve been given).  After looking at them seven different ways from Sunday, we came to the only conclusion we could: we just can’t choose.

So we’ve opted for the middle road, and kept all six designs.  That means we get to pass the buck on to you, so you get to make the hard choice about which one (or ones) you’d like to have.

We can’t thank of a better gift idea for the holidays.

May the Olentzero bring an Eguzkilore, the flower that protects the Basques, to all of you, to make sure nothing evil can enter our homes.  After the 2020 we’ve all had, we could use it!

Eguzkilore Designs




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Last Updated on Jan 27, 2021 by About Basque Country

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