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RTF has just published an article by Kriti Shivagunde under the title “Places to visit in Bilbao for the Travelling Architect” and offers up 15 sites to better get to know Bilbao.

This article is truly interesting in that it displays a great image of the city’s main contributions to architecture since the 1980s to globally-prestigious architects.  It’s an article that offers an excellent review of the selected buildings.

But for us, it falls into the customary trap of articles on urban planning and architecture in Bilbao: they forget, or carefully tread around, the architecture of the city from before the last few decades.  In this case, of the 15 projects selected, only one, the Montero House, looks at the history of the city, when Bilbao offered a magnificent tour of all ages, from the Middle Ages to the 21st century through its buildings.

There’s another case that shows off another extraordinary example of architecture from before: the Alhóndiga, today’s Azkuna Center.  It’s quite interesting as well to see how it has been transformed from a type of warehouse into a cultural center, in addition to the “package” it’s wrapped up in.

We imagine that this is the “price to pay” for visitors who are not especially interested in Architecture.  But we’re also sure that for the lovers and professionals in that world, and in urban planning, there are many more jewels to enjoy while strolling through Bilbao.

This article by Kriti Shivagunde, whom we must thank for such excellent work, at RTF will undoubtedly encourage architecture fans to come to Bilbao to see these standout buildings and thereby also discover the city’s hidden gems.

Re Thinking The Future – 25/8/2020 – India

Places to visit in Bilbao for the Travelling Architect

A confluence of contemporary architecture crafted by illustrious architects from around the globe, the city of Bilbao has seen a progressive development from its extensive industrial identity. Located in the Northern part of Spain and also recognized as the capital of the Basque Country, the city boasts of a flourishing Contemporary character brooked by the conception of Frank Gehry’s shimmering masterpiece, The Guggenheim museum.

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Foto cabecera: Casa Montero, Bilbao ©

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