Jérôme Junqua is a surfer, artist, and ecologist from San Luis Obispo, California, according to his Facebook profile, but for some years now he’s been living on the Basque Coast, in Bidart.

On June 1, after hearing that a group of submariners from the Gurekin Diving Center in Saint-Jean-de-Luz had had a happy encounter with a group of dolphins, he decided to go out and see if he could find any himself.

And boy did he!  He was able to enjoy one of those experiences we wish we could.  Fortunately, he did share photos and a video of that moment.

We found this story in an article written by Sophie Serhani in the Sud Ouest newspaper.  After “surfing the net” (because we still haven’t learned how to surf in the ocean), we found a fantastic article by Camille in Surf Report, and the original source, which is a collection of photos and video of that encounter between Jérôme Junqua and the pod of dolphins on the website of Salt Water magazine.

We’ll leave all of that here for you, so our sea- and dolphin-loving readers (we imagine that’d be everyone) can enjoy this magical moment.

Salt Water – 1/6/2020 – France


The Bay from Salt Water on Vimeo.

Do you believe in your dreams? Hard to say … we would like to but dreams can take time sometimes! And then one day, the dream comes true. And you don’t believe it! For me this day has arrived. Sensitive to the environment, I make sure to get involved every day in a simple way but also for causes that are close to my heart.

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Surf Report  -2/6/2020 – France


Chaque année, le nombre de cétacés trouvés gisant sur le littoral bat les records précédents. Et 2020 n’a pas dérogé à la règle, avec plus de 600 dauphins communs échoués entre décembre 2019 et février 2020, morts surtout dans le golfe de Gascogne et portant à 95% les stigmates d’accidents de pêche selon le Monde.

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Sud Ouest – 5/6/2020 – France

Vidéo. Pays basque : il surfe avec un banc de dauphins au large d’Hendaye

Quelques jours plus tôt, des plongeurs du centre de plongée professionnel Gurekin de Saint-Jean-de-Luz ont été escortés, pour leur retour à l’eau, par une dizaine de dauphins. C’est ce qui a mis la puce à l’oreille de Jérôme Junqua, habitant de Bidart, et de ses amis.

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