BCA'37 UK – Asociación de los Niños Vascos Evacuados a Gran Bretaña en el 37
BCA’37 UK – an Association representing the Basque children evacuated during the Spanish Civil War

The Basque Children of ’37 Association (UK) (BCA’37 UK) is an old friend of the blog, as we’ve had the change to get to write several articles about them (but it’s still not enough), and to remember those who had to flee the oppression in their homeland.  We’ve always had a special place for the Basque War Children.

And we’re thrilled to have the chance ot mention the BCA’37 UK again today, because we’ve just been informed that they are now accepting projects to be nominees to win the 2020 Natalia Benjamin Prize.

The award is aimed at school children, who may send in their End-of-Year project, in Spanish or in Basque, on any aspect related to the evacuation of Basque children to the United Kingdom.

The project must be between 10,000-15,000 words.  The winning project will be published on the BCA’37 Website.

Sello de Gran Bretaña en apoyo a los «niños vascos de la guerra»
The UK stamp supporting the Basque War Children

There are two prizes that are handed out, one for projects done in English and another for those done in Spanish or Basque.  Each of them is judged by a tribunal made up of university professors who will consider the originality, depth of research, contribution, strength of argument, and stylistic quality.

Each person may present only one project to both editions.

Here’s the information for the prize for projects written in English.

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