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Raphael Tsavkko Garcia is a Brazilian journalist who’s preparing his doctorate in Human Rights at the University of Deutso.  We’ve been following him for a while, almost since the beginning of this blog, thanks to his interest in the Basques and our interest in Brazil.

This July, he’s published a collaborative article on the Qatari website Al Jazeera, in the category of Human Rights, in which he explains what’s going on regarding the events in Altsasu and the categorization by the district attorney of a “bar fight” on October 15, 2016 at 5:00 am in this Navarrese town as “an act of terrorism”.

It’s very interesting to see how this matter of grave importance, given the sentences (some of) the defendants are facing, is finding space on a website with such a global outreach as Al Jazeera.

We, along with the article by Raphael Tsavkko, are sharing two elements that seem of utmost importance: the opinion of the Civil Guard itself, which, in its reports to the judge, did not see any evidence backing a terrorism charge, and the statements of the Spanish Interior Minister, who also failed to see any act of terrorism in this brouhaha.

So what really needs to be cleared up is why the district attorney, and the National Court have decided to label these events as “acts of terrorism” against the conclusions of the police reports.

Al Jazeera – 10/7/2017 – Catar

On terrorism, Basque nationalism and a ‘bar brawl’

Altsasu, a sleepy Basque town in Spain’s northernmost province of Navarre, was shocked on July 4, when a prosecutor’s office announced (PDF) that eight of its residents will be facing a total of 375 years in prison on terrorism charges. The eight young Basques had a fight with two civil guards and their girlfriends in a local bar in the early hours of October 15, 2016. Three of the defendants have been under arrest since November 2016.

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Noticias de Navarra – 18/10/2016 – Euskadi

Fernández Díaz: “La agresión de Alsasua es un hecho puntual, un delito de odio y no kale borroka”

El ministro del Interior en funciones, Jorge Fernández Díaz, considera que la agresión sufrida el pasado sábado por dos guardias civiles en Alsasua (Navarra) encaja en la definición de delito de odio tal como está tipificado en el Código Penal, pero no en la de ‘kale borroka’.

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Noticias de Navarra – 25/10/2016 – Euskadi

Los informes policiales no aprecian linchamiento organizado en Alsasua

La Guardia Civil ha remitido al Juzgado de Instrucción número 3 de Pamplona unas diligencias ampliatorias sobre los altercados ocurridos en Alsasua el pasado día 15 de octubre en las que no se infiere que hubiera un linchamiento o paliza organizada a los dos guardias civiles que fueron agredidos junto con sus parejas en un bar de la localidad. Este informe refrenda el atestado de la Policía Foral, que ya obraba en poder de la juez Mari Paz Benito, que instruye la causa por los delitos de atentado a agente de la autoridad y lesiones.

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