As journalist, we are compulsively curious.  So, whenever we can, we like to check out what the followers to our Facebook page are up to.

And we have to admit that few new followers have surprised us as much as one who joined us today.  And our expectations are high, thanks to the 7,300 About Basque Country followers who come from all over the world, are very interesting people, and many of whom even come from North America.

American blues musician Patrick Rynn, who just started following us on Facebook, at a concert in Hondarribia

So who was able to surprise us so thoroughly?  That would be Patrick Rynn.  He’s a musician who hails from Toledo, Ohio, which is halfway between Detroit and Cleveland on Lake Erie, just 300 miles from Chicago, the “windy” city of blues, architecture, and many other things.  Now he lives in San Diego.

Listening to his music, it’s quite clear that his moving hasn’t made him forget his roots, at least musically, and his joining our “friends list” has opened up a whole new extraordinary world of blues to us.

We’re not sure what led this guitar player to start following AboutBC, though we’d really like to know (remember, we’re curious by nature).  But we’re thrilled to have him with us.

Each of the people who follow us are important and necessary.  But we’re sure you’ll admit that this new follower deserves a mention, and a link to a video of his concert in Hondarribia (he’s wearing the cap and sunglasses).  We’ll also include a link to his music on Amazon.

Patrick Rynn, Ongi Etorri!!!!!!!

And to all our readers, enjoy the blues!


Patrick Rynn’s music on Amazon


Last Updated on Dec 20, 2020 by About Basque Country

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