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Pachi, the “ice cream shop of 1,000 flavors,” founded by a...

Heladeria Pachi en Berazategui, Argentina
An artisanal icre cream shop i nBerazategui, founded by a Basque man named Patxi, is an ice cream landmark in all of Buenos Aires

Basque boarding houses in the US: A chapter in Basque history...

Cena en el Centro Basco de Chino (California) (AL KAMALIZAD: FOR LAIST)
The Laist website is sharing with us a magnificent chornicle about the end of a fundamental part of the history of the Basques in the US: Basque hotels

The Basque foundry built in the heart of Angola in the...

Ruinas de la Fábrica de Ferro de Nova Oeiras  en una fotografía de 1950 (Angola)
The story of some Basque blacksmiths hired in the 18th century by the Kingdom of Portugal to build and run a foundry in Angola

David Romtvedt, the poet from Oregon/Wyoming who’s translated the works of...

The WyoFile website tells us about the latest book published by the Center for Basque Studies at UNR, a collection of poems by Basque Bard Iparraguire translated by David Romtvedt

Post-Graduate course on the Basque Diaspora at the Univ. of the...

Curso de postgrado UPV/EHU experto en diaspora vasca
Early registration is open for the Post-Graduate degree about the Basque Diaspora at the University of the Basque Country. It can be taken from anywhere in the world, even by those who do not have a college degree

The Tree of Guernica, the Basque seed that flourished throughout Uruguay...

Plantación del retoño del Árbol de Gernika Montevideo 1019
An article from Uruguay and a video from the Basque Country sharing the importance of the saplings of the Tree of Guernica in Uruguay

Pulitzer Center: The Basques in the US: a community fighting for...

The Basque Center, en el Basque Block de Boise.  Image  Boise Basque Museum and Cultural Center
The Pulitzer Center website has just published a magnificent article about the Basques in the US, analyzing the challenges our whole diaspora faces

NASA has shared a photo of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon taken from space

Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon Bandera y forografía desde el espacio (ASTER) NASA:METI:AIST:Japan Space Systems, and U.S.:Japan ASTER Science Team
NASA's JPL website has just published a photo of the islands of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon from space

ATTENTION!!! The deadline for speakers for the 31st Annual AEMI...

31ª jornada AEMI que se celebr en septiembre de 2021 en Donostia
The Basque Government is hosting the 2021 Association for European Migration Institutions Conference

The Univ. of the Basque Country has started a post-graduate program...

Día de la Diáspora Vasca 2020
The Univ. of the Basque Country has started a post-graduate program on the Basque Diaspora open to graduates and non-graduates