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Basque wines and Eric Asimov, the ‘NYT’ wine critic

Eric Asimov vinos New York Times
The wine critic at the 'New York Times' gives us an amazing overview of Basque wines in his column

Do the different types of cabernet grapes come from the Basque...

Racimo de Cabernet Franc
We've talked on more than one occasion about Basque wines, from Irulegi to the Rioja Alavesa, from Navarre to the coastal txakolis, but in...

An original blend from Australia: Navarres rosé and Indian food

En Harpers Bazaar se propone el rosado navarro para acompañar a la comida india (o viceversa)
This article was translated by John R. Bopp We found a curious article on the website for the Australian edition of lifestyle magazine Harper’s Bazaar, penned...