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Viewpoints: Grape Harvest in the Rioja Alavesa, part II, from the...

Rioja alavesa, vid y uvas
This is the second entry in a series we've dedicated to the grape harvest in the Rioja Alavesa.  In the first part of this...

“Viewpoints” The grape harvest in the Rioja Alavesa I

Vistas desde un viñero de Rioja alavesa
The first entry in a series we're dedicating to the grape harvest in the Rioja Alavesa, and its past, present, and future as a leading wine producing area

Arto Gorria, the variety of corn being brought back in the...

Arto gorria la variedad de maíz del País Vasco recuperada por Jon Harlouchet y un grupo de agricultores
A group of Basque farmers is bringing back a traditional variety of corn, 'arto gorria', in order to recover the control of their crops

The Patagonia version of Idiazabal cheese (also made from latxa sheep’s...

Queso Chilezabal de oveja latxa en Chile
A local producer in Chile's Patagonia region makes latxa sheep's milk cheese after having studied cheesemaking with the shepherds in Aranzazu

The decline of grazing threatens the existence of Idiazabal cheese

Rebaño de oveja latxa (Lactiker / UPV / EHU)
Mulitdisciplinary research group Lactiker at the Univ. of the Basque Country is looking into traditional grazing and the future of Idiazabal cheese

“Arto gorria”. Basque corn saved in a convent

The recovery of a variety of corn, Arto gorria (Grand Roux Basque) which was the most basic variety for Basque harvests for centuries