A very flavorful plan, and very Basque.  We’re of course referring to the Bayonne Pintxo Eguna, which will be holding its 9th event on May 7, organized as always by the Peña Zirtzilak.

It’s an event organized by 32 participating peñas, who will be preparing 1,500 pintxos to be sold at a euro each.  That means visitors will have 32 different types of pintxos available, which ought to bring in €54,000, which will be donated to charity.

This event has become a highlight in the calendar of the most important Basque city north of the Pyrenees; it’s been covered by the Presselib website, which covers news in southwestern France (Landes, Atlantic Pyrenees, Upper Pyrenees, and Gers).

One thing that caught our attention was how this newspaper written for people in that area who surely know that part of the Basque Country well (if they’re not outright residents) could end up calling them tapas (for goodness’ sake, pintxos are not tapas, in Bayonne, in Tudela, or anywhere), or how they explain that the peñas in Bayonne are a kind of “small cultural and festive group unique in France, halfway between a group of friends and a Spanish sociedad.”  The peñas of Bayonne are just that, Basque cultural and festive groups, similar to many that can be found throughout the Basque Country under different names, but always with the same spirit.

Similarly, the differences to be found with, for example, Pamplona (a city quite closely related to Bayonne) are minimal.  Indeed, the connection is so strong that the “official uniform” of the Bayonne festival is the same as that of Pamplona’s, and the fiestas of Bayonne are included on the “Basque fiesta circuit”, which starts in Pamplona on July 7, then goes through Bayonne, Vitoria, and San Sebastian before finishing in Bilbao.

So, remember the weather on May 7 is going to be marvelous throughout the Northern Basque Country, so there’s no reason to miss out on the Bayonne Pintxo Eguna!

Presselib – 1/5/2022 – France

36 peñas bayonnaises pour le 9e Pintxo Eguna

Du Petit au Grand Bayonne, de 18h à 22h, il s’agira aussi de décerner le pintxo d’or et le prix du public, lors de cet apéro géant au bénéfice d’associations locales oeuvrant pour le bien commun.

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Pintxo Eguna – 5/2022 – Euskadi


Le samedi 7 mai 2022 à Bayonne, de 18h00 à 22h00, 36 peñas bayonnaises vous proposent la 9ème édition du Pintxo Eguna. Découvrez ou redécouvrez les Peñas bayonnaises en dégustant des pintxos lors d’un évènement convivial et culturel. L’évènement se déroule dans les Peñas bayonnaises à Bayonne, France.

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