Mar del Plata is a coastal city in Buenos Aires province, and is the second-most important tourist destination in the country, after the capital itself.  We’ve mentioned it before, as, after the 1936 insurrection, it became the refuge of many Basque exiles.  We wrote an article about the 6th Mar del Plata Basque Festival in 1954.

And they’re back today because the local newspaper 0233 has published an article in their “before being a street name” section about the promenade following this beautiful stretch of Atlantic coastline alongside Varese Beach.

This promenade is named after a great Basque patriot: Jesús de Galíndez.  We’ve also spoken about him before and how he was kidnapped in New York to be tortured and murdered by satrap of the Dominican Republic, all because he dared to denounce Trujillo‘s cruel dictatorship.

This article covers the story of this Basque and outlines some of the reasons why one of the most emblematic boulevards along such a beautiful beach bears his name (especially since he never actually visited the city).

We’re sure the presence and vitality of the Basque colony there had something to do with that happening.

0233 – 6/12/2020 – Argentina

¿Quién fue Galíndez?

Las corrientes migratorias que componen la sociedad marplatense explican, de alguna manera, el porqué de algunos nombres de calles a los que le han dedicado espacios privilegiados a personajes que, en muchos casos, nada tienen que ver con la historia de Mar del Plata.  Un ejemplo es el sector del paseo costero que lleva el nombre de un poeta vasco: Jesús de Galíndez.

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