We have written many, many times about the relationship between American author Ernest Hemingway and the Basques, and also quite a bit about the Basque pelotaris in Cuba.  In both cases, we’ve told the tale of how the author and a group of Basque pelotaris sailed on the coast of Cuba during the Second World War, on the hunt for Nazi U-boats.  We’ve also brought up how the author visited the Mundaka tomb of Andrés Unzain, the priest who was chaplain to the Euzkadi Army and who, during his exile in Cube, counseled pelotaris, Basque exiles, and even Hemingway himself.

And this brings us to an article by José Carlos Cueto on BBC Mundo, telling the story of the author’s fight against fascism from Cuba during World War II.

The article and accompanying information provided by Norberto Fuentes, Cuban writer and author of Hemingway en Cuba, shares the Hemingway’s life on the island, giving us a more detailed version of this unique story, which mixes the author, who already knew the Basques well, and the pelotari players at the Jai Alai in Havana.

And we’re sure that if the tale switched out most of the times “Spanish” appears and replaced it with “Basque” when describing those who accompanied Hemingway in his fight against Nazis and Spanish fascists in the Caribbean, it would be a much better reflection of reality.

BBC Mundo – 2/1/2021 – Great Britain

Segunda Guerra Mundial: la rocambolesca historia de cuando Hemingway salió a cazar submarinos nazis en Cuba

Escritor, periodista, aficionado a la pesca, la caza y las corridas de toro y también perseguidor de submarinos alemanes durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial en Cuba. El currículum de Ernest Hemingway rara vez defrauda. En Cuba, el novelista no solo vivió muchos de sus años más prolíficos, sino también algunas de sus aventuras más aguerridas y temerarias.

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