This article appeared in El Universal at the beginning of the year, and offers us some great information about the Mexico City Frontón, which we’ve blogged about before.

This is a building that is full of history, as well as at least two records.  First, it has the longest jai alai court in the world, at 62 m (203 ft).  Secondly, and this is our contribution to the list, its inauguration coincided with the end of the longest strike ever in that country (and perhaps the world), led by workers and pelotaris.

Its closure started on October 2, 1996, when a hundred or so workers and pelotaris went on strike, thereby freezing activity at the “Palace of Pelota“, which was not going through the best of times.  This strike would last until March 12, 2017; that is, over 20 years.  This strike was ended with the finding against the company, which was ordered to pay the salaries owed to the strikers, with which the rights of the workers are guaranteed and safeguarded.

Fortunately for everyone, the capital of the United Mexican States once again gets to enjoy, and has been able to for the past few years, Basque pelota, in all its visual and speedy glory.

El Universal  – 13/1/2020 – Mexico

10 datos curiosos que debes saber sobre el Frontón México

El Frontón México -que también fue conocido en sus años de gloria como Palacio de Jai alai- es un centro de entretenimiento instalado en un edificio histórico de estilo art déco. Fue inaugurado en 1929 y llegó a ser el templo de los partidos de pelota vasca. En el presente es una de las sedes más importantes de Latinoamérica para la práctica de este deporte.

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