We’ve mentioned the Basque community of Ontario, Oregon several times before, especially for their traditional Ontario Basque Charity Dinner, which celebrated its 73rd edition this year.  This is yet another great example of what we keep saying: the strength of the roots of the Basque Community all over the world.

l grupo fundador del Ontario Basque Ladies Club (1950)
The founders of the Ontario Basque Ladies Club (1950)


As we said a few years ago, the Ontario Basque Club dates back to 1947 and maintains a close relationship with its community, keeping the image the Americans, and people everywhere have of the Basques as people who are hard-working, serious, and committed to the communities they live in.  We’ll leave you with a photo that shows the founding group of the Ontario Basque Ladies Club, which, as you can see, was published in 1950 by the same newspaper that today is reporting on their annual Christmas dinner.

This year, it’s Yadira Lopez who’s telling us in the Mahleur Enterprise about this deeply-rooted tradition of the Basque presence in Oregon, where the influence of the Basque presence is much deeper than those outside the state can possibly imagine.

Mahleur Enterprise – 13/2/2020 – USA

Basques ready to dance and dine at annual community celebration in Ontario

he Ontario Basque Charity Dinner and Dance had humble beginnings in the homes of Basque ladies who wanted to preserve their culture. Now organizers are gearing up for the 73rd annual celebration, set for Saturday, Feb. 29, at Four Rivers Cultural Center. The event is an opportunity to support the community and get a glimpse of Basque culture, said Ontario Basque Club member Lisa Corcostegui.

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