Back in July of 2017, we blogged about two issues related to the ubiquitous communication platform WhatsApp.

The first was the appearance and success of the EuskalMoji which had appeared a few days prior, being downloaded over 85,000 times in the first ten days.

The second was about a matter that has yet to be resolved, despite the passage of time and the fact that other non-independent entitites like American Samoa and Texas are represented.  We are of course referring to the absence of the ikurriña in the flag section available on the app.

Now, it is true that our flag is represented as part of yet another territory that is not independent but is lucky enough to have its flag available: Saint Pierre et Miquelon.  But many of us believe that that is not enough.

Saint Pierre et Miquelon en emoji
Saint Pierre et Miquelon flag emoji

This incomprehensible absence is not limited to WhatsApp; it is also not to be found on Facebook or Twitter.  This is because the Unicode Consortium has not included it on its list.  This January 2020, it’s printed the list of new emojis, Version 13, and the ikurriña on its own is nowhere to be found.

So we’re once again sharing the addresses of those collecting signatures to ask the Unicode Consortium, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter to include a flag used by people all over the world, to give it the representation it deserves.

By the way, both of these petitions have been available since 2017, and niether has reached its goal yet, though by small margines, even though their are rather humble targets (25,000 and 15,000 respectively).

If you’d like to sign the petition so that our national flag is finally available on social media and messaging programs, please do so! – 2017 – 

Incluir el “emoji” Ikurriña en listado de banderas de Facebook, Twitter y WhatsApp.

Las y los firmantes, mediante la presente iniciativa en SOLICITAMOS a los gestores de las Redes Sociales Facebook y Twitter, así como a los de la plataforma de mensajería instantánea WhatsApp (Facebook Inc.) incluyan la bandera “Ikurriña” / “Ikurrina” (Bandera Oficial de Euskadi / Euskal Herria / Pays Basque / Basque Country) como “emoji” dentro de las opciones que ofrecen dichas Redes Sociales y la citada Plataforma de mensajería instantánea en sus diferentes menús de inserción de “objetos” (dentro del apartado “banderas”).


muchas gracias

(follow) – 2017 – 

Emoticono Ikurriña en “WHATSAPP”

Firma para que WhatsApp introduzca el emoticono de la IKURRIÑA


muchas gracias