Magdalenaweb is the website of the City of Magdalena, in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires, and has just reported on how the  there has just celebrated St. Sebastian’s Day.

The festivities were held on the afternoon of Monday, January 20, alongside representatives from the city.  During the celebration, a tree was planted in the memorial park as a symbol of the Basque Community’s struggle for freedom; a plaque was also unveiled.  And, since there could be no other way, the festivities were closed with the music of the tamborrada.

The report comes with a number of photos showing us the different moments of the event.

As we never tire of saying, the roots that connect our people throughout the world with their homeland and strong and thriving: the Basque Diaspora is a fundamental part of our nation.

Magdalanaweb -21/1/2020 – Argentina

Celebramos “San Sebastián” junto al Centro Vasco de Magdalena

Fue durante la tarde de ayer en el Parque de la Memoria. Se plantó un árbol (roble) símbolo de la lucha por la libertad de la comunidad vasca y se descubrió una placa conmemorativa. Dicho acto contó con el acompañamiento del Intendente Municipal Gonzalo Peluso, integrantes del Gabinete, concejales y distintas autoridades.

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