This is what we’ve been told by The Guardian, one of the newspapers that speaks the most and the best about our Country, which has just published an article by Sorrel Downer, who’s done a magnificent series of articles about the Basques.

The topic chosen for the article on this “visit” to six European cities is really unique: vintage and retro shopping.  It turns out, and this is going to peeve those who can’t stand the Basques being spoken about well, that Bilbao is one of the best places in Europe to do this kind of shopping.

And what’s even more curious is that Bilbao is the city at the top of the list!  It’s the first one readers will come across, as the journalist takes them on a tour of the Biscayne capital’s underground.  From Bilbao la Vieja to Zorrozaurre, the author leads readers on a trip that many locals won’t even know about.

It’s just yet another one of the many articles we’ve found about us which help us get to know these hideaways of our own country a little better.

The Guardian -16/11/2019 – Great Britain

Six of Europe’s best cities for vintage and retro shopping

Until recently, secondhand meant second-best for a country that remembered making do in tougher times, and only students and the city-dwelling vintage vanguard went to flea markets for fun. Now, old stuff is being viewed with a fresh eye. Bilbao is ahead of the curve – championing, repurposing and rendering cool the unique, pre-loved, quirky, crafted and durable.

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