Today, the Argentine daily La Nueva out of Bahía Blanca has published an article reporting that the city’s Basque Center, the Unión Vasca Sociedad de Socorros Mutuos is organizing the 2019 Argentine National Basque Week.

The center, celebrating its 120th anniversary, is going to bring together Basques from all over Argentina and the world at an extraordinary event we’ve blogged about before.  It’s going to run until Sunday, November 10.

120 años de Unión Vasca de Bahia blanca
120 years of the Unión Vasca de Bahia Blanca

As we’ve commented before, Argentina has a unique weight and a very special value in the history of the Basque diaspora, and in Basque history in general.  We can’t forget it’s the nation with the largest number of citizens with Basque blood.  It’s been calculated that no fewer than 4,000,000 Argentines are at least partly originally from the Land of the Basques.  Or, to put it another way, one could claim there are more Basques in Argentina than in the Basque Country.

Moreover, Argentina is the country with the largest number of Euskal Etxeak.  If we consult the Euskaletxeak website, the number of centers in Argentina is an extraordinarily high 84!

Year after year, somewhere in Argentina, organized by a different Basque center, diaspora Basques get together to celebrate their “Basqueness”.  It’s a huge festival that brings them together as a community.

We’re sharing the presentation video, the website to the Bahía Blanca Basque Center, and the report in La Nueva.

The Unión Vascawebsite

La Nueva – 2/11/2019 – Argentina

La Semana Nacional Vasca comienza a celebrarse hoy en nuestra ciudad

La Unión Vasca de Bahía Blanca recibe desde hoy y hasta el domingo 10 la Semana Nacional Vasca, que se celebrará con distintas actividades. Nuestra ciudad será anfitriona de centros de todo el país y más de 100 personas que llegarán desde el País Vasco.

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